What is the best ceiling fan



How do you make sure you’re finding the best of the best fans that are on the market today? Through these exclusive ceiling fan reviews that take a fact-based approach. You get the information you need to make a good decision. The reasons for choosing the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan are explained in the following sections – but there were a number of others from this well-known manufacturer that nearly replaced it. Hunter can trace their history back to upstate New York in 1886, and to have survived this long is testament to their product design, innovation and build quality. Today they offer hundreds of models, for all budgets, so if the one we’ve featured here isn’t quite what you’re looking for there’s bound to be another that will fit your requirements.

Quite by coincidence, Westinghouse were also founded in 1886 (in Pennsylvania) – although the lighting and fans division actually began as a family-owned business in 1946. It’s a brand almost everyone has heard of and their products have a terrific reputation and tremendous appeal. Their range might not be as big as Hunters, but they offer an excellent collection nevertheless. We’ve chosen the Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Ceiling Fan in this review, but the high ratings their other models receive underlines how popular all of them are. The first thing you’ll want to look at for any ceiling fan is the cubic feet per minute of air that the unit can move. Some ceiling fans might be 50 inches in diameter, but they spin so slowly that they’ll only be rated for an installation in an 80 square foot room. On the other end of the spectrum, some ceiling fans can move thousands of CFM and are capable of being installed in rooms that are as large as 500 square feet!

So we’ve taken appearance out of the equation by looking at what the professionals think: not just the sellers, but skilled installers who work with numerous different models every day and know their strengths and weaknesses. In their opinion – and we would have to agree – the best affordable ceiling fan is the Fanimation Odyn.

Yes, it’s a lot of money, but fans this large from other makers can be several times as much – and aren’t any better made. Fanimation have a reputation for unrivaled attention to detail, what one contractor called over-the-top quality. The Odeyn may not be exactly the right model for your space, but if you need a fan for a spectacular setting they offer some exceptional solutions. This ceiling fan really does epitomize what the modern ceiling fan is supposed to be. It looks like you’d need to spend a small fortune to get it, but it’s priced fairly and does just as good a job as its commercial quality counterparts. You can recirculate warm air or cool down any room with ease and it features 52 inches of coverage on one of the easiest installations that you’ll ever have. It has a 78-inch lead wire and a 0.75×4 inch down rod so that you’ve got plenty of room to work. The light looks like it is a halogen design, but it is really two torpedo bulbs that are up to 40 watts and have the candelabra design. When all is said it done, the total energy usage of this ceiling fan is just 101 watts with the lights turned on.